Essex Rd: 01256 819 601
Town centre location, Near BCOT

Essex Rd: 01256 819 601Town centre location, Near BCOT

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MOT tests at Basingstoke Autocentre

Why are our MOT's only £30?

Because we specialise in MOT testing and have such a high throughput (approx 60 MOT tests per day as a group!), we don’t need to charge any more than that! Though you only pay £30 for an MOT this does not mean you are getting a different quality MOT than a more expensive one. Most garages charge over £45 for MOT tests and may offer you free items such as wiper blades and light bulbs. But why pay an extra £15 - £20 per MOT when you probably don’t need either? Why not just pay for what you need? Currently 1 in 6 cars require a light bulb, 1 in 12 require a wiper blade or small adjustment. It's cheaper to pay only for what you need or what your car requires.

Should your car fail and require a ‘quick fix’ item, we offer free fit menu price parts.

Bulbs from £4.00
Wipers (standard) from £4.99
Number Plates £15.00
Headlamp Aim Adjustment £6.00
Windscreen Washer Blowout £2.50
Computer Diagnostic £39.98
Wheel Alignment (front) £25.00

Our menu parts are high quality and cheaper than other retailers such as Halford’s


Book your MOT test now


Book your MOT test & Service

*TERMS & CONDITIONS* 1) Vehicle must be re-tested within nine days of the fail. 2) Failures on minor repairs and adjustments can be carried out by us, prices as advertised in store.

What do I need for an MOT test?

  • The MOT test fee.
  • Ensure there is enough petrol, oil and water in your vehicle to complete the test.
  • If separate, we will require your petrol cap key.
  • Access to the boot/tailgate/load space (all doors must open if a van), and a near empty loading space to allow for floor inspections.
  • Your V5/Registration document is sometimes required, if possible it is advisable to bring it with you.
  • In order for your car to endure the rigours of high revs during emissions testing, it is essential that your vehicle has been properly maintained to reduce the possibility of the cam/timing belt breaking while the engine is being tested and held at high revs. It is your responsibility to ensure the engine is fit for the MOT test. We will not be held responsible for any engine failures during testing.

What don't I need for an MOT test?

  • A spare wheel.
  • You do not need road tax providing your car is pre-booked and the sole purpose of your journey is to travel to the pre-booked MOT test station (this must not include a stop for petrol etc).
  • The old MOT certificate.
  • Removable seats for some MPV's and people carriers do not have to be re-fitted for the MOT test, the seatbelts (with the seats removed) in this instance are not a testable item.
  • Rear wiper.
  • Rear washer.
  • N/S/R fog lights.
  • Front fog lights.
  • Reverse lights.


For more information regarding the MOT test please visit

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