Essex Rd: 01256 819 601
Town centre location, Near BCOT

Essex Rd: 01256 819 601Town centre location, Near BCOT

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Tracking & wheel alignment

If you are bringing your car into our Basingstoke AutoCentre you can get your tracking checked completely FREE of charge!

Front tracking / wheel alignment only £25


Incorrectly adjusted front wheel alignment causes increased tyre wear and poor handling. It reduces braking efficiency and cornering stability, but very rarely causes the car or steering to pull to one side. We have Basingstoke's ONLY three fully computerised laser tracking and four wheel geometry equipment and therefore ONLY we can offer the following:

Tracking 1

Computerised front wheel laser tracking, with printed before and after graphical report for only £25.

Rear tracking / wheel alignment only £60


Incorrectly adjusted rear wheel alignment will cause the same problems as front tracking and will also cause the car to steer or pull to the left or right. Rear wheel tracking cannot be adjusted independently and must be incorporated with a front wheel tracking. For this service we offer:

Tracking 2

Computerised front and rear 4 wheel laser tracking (includes the first half hour labour, if seized) with printed before and after graphical report for only £60.

Full steering geometry

This cannot be carried out without Tracking 2 and is available at £35 + VAT for each wheel camber adjusted. Shim adjusting kits are charged at an extra cost.

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