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Town centre location, Near BCOT

Essex Rd: 01256 819 601Town centre location, Near BCOT

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Clutch and gearbox repairs

I think I have problem with my clutch!

If you have one or more of the following symptoms then a clutch replacement may be required:

  • Difficulty selecting gears
  • Crunching into gear (usually reverse)
  • Clutch pedal very stiff to operate
  • Clutch pedal/biting point very high
  • Clutch pedal very low (close to floor)
  • Juddering/shaking when pulling away
  • Unexplained increase in engine speed when driving/accelerating

Please call in for a free road test with one of our technicians who will advise you further.

What is a clutch?

The clutches purpose is to transmit engine power through to the gearbox progressively for pulling away and changing gear. It is usually in 3 pieces, the bearing, the cover plate and the driven plate. Some cars are fitted with an internal gearbox slave cylinder; we recommend this is changed during replacement as they frequently leak after clutch replacement. This is all replaced at the same time as a kit, where possible the flywheel is cleaned up and re-used. Replacing the clutch usually requires removal of either the engine or the gearbox although on some vehicles removal of both is required due to poor access.

On some newer vehicles the clutch fitted will be a dual mass type; this will include the flywheel as part of the clutch kit and is usually much more expensive.

Please contact us for a quote.


gearbox-repairs-basingstokeGearbox repairs

A gearbox is used to transmit the engine power to drive the wheels at different ratios at varying engine and road speeds whether the car is automatic or manual. The gearbox will generally have to be removed to quote for any repairs.

Please note: There is no labour charge for new clutches that are fitted during gearbox repairs. Please contact us for a quote.

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